Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sushi 4 Kitties Giveaway!

Yay, my 1st Giveaway!  This kappamaki (cucumber sushi roll) is made of yarn: a knitting pattern by Christen Haden, author of Yummi 'Gurumi and Creepy Cute Crochet.  Her pattern is my very 1st Etsy purchase: the PDF has 16 sushi pieces (including knit wasabi, ginger and decorative grass) and I can't wait to make them all.  But I had to make this one for a quick welcome gift....
[photo by Jenny G.]
for my friend Jenny's newly adopted kitty, what a beauty!  The last time I made gifts for kitties was some Christmas catnip mice and I figured something fishy would be appropriate, especially when I saw this ad: kind of looks like this kitty, right?
I've mentioned that I've always loved the sea, so I've been reading The Story of Sushi by Trevor Corson (loved his 1st book: The Secret Life of Lobsters) and as I started looking for craft projects Christen's Etsy page really stood out.  She e-mailed the pattern quickly and the directions are super easy to follow.  Plus, it's a great way to use up some yarn!
If I make all the pieces I'll be using all of these colors, so I'm excited to make more soon. 
You'll need double-pointed needles, a stitch marker, row counter, yarn needle and of course I like my crafty, little scissors.
Each piece is a combination of a few layers, all the better to stuff catnip in!
And then there was packaging: one of my favorite parts...
I didn't have time to knit up the condiments this time, so I used the real thing, added some chopsticks too.

So, to enter the giveaway, all you have to do is:
1) be a follower (thank you!)
2) leave a comment, any ol' comment will do
3) and specify if you'd like your sushi with, or without catnip

And on Labor Day, I'll pick one name randomly (U.S. residents only, please, just for shipping purposes) and you'll receive the next sushi piece I make, packaged similarly to the one I gave Jenny today.  
Good luck!


Koru Kate said...

Jen, sooo adorable! I'm amazed at the fun range of crafts you make!! I'll leave the kitty sushi giveaway to someone else but I couldn't help but say how cute.

The World is a Pearl said...

Kappa maki is my favorite kind of sushi! This is such a cute idea! If I won I would like it without catnip :)


Jenny said...

It's now the favorite toy of both kitties and owner! Got covered with kitty drool within minutes of being 'served.' Thanks from Jenny, Crash and (temporarily named) Ramona. So creative, so considerate...

Creative Coquette said...

For some reason I can't see the images on your post but knowing you I am sure they are super cute!!

Zira would love one with catnip [crosses paws]


Anonymous said...

this is so cute!

please enter me.. without catnip lol.

your cat is also adorable!

Craftiness NOW said...

hi Koru Kate, thanks so much! i'll be thinking about kadee-cat anyway (and bailey of course ;-)

hi Katelyn, you're in the running (catnip-free!)

Jenny! awww, you're welcome, very glad they are devouring it :-)

thanks, Creative Coquette, i'm so sad you can't see the pics, but thanks for entering anyway! i'm going to e-mail you so u can see it!

hi Nic Nic, thank u :-) you're in too, no catnip 4 u!

Small Burst said...

So cute!! I'd love sushi without catnip please. My 4 year old loves sushi and eating with chopsticks so I can imagine her having tea parties with her lovies which would also include sushi.

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