Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Korean BBQ Break

I have 3 beautiful words for you: Korean Barbecue Buffet.  I want to share more about my trip to Bermuda but here's a little side post about my Monday excursion with the lovely Liz of Liz King Events.  
When I saw this post from Serious Eats I just had to grab someone and go, and Liz was kind enough to pick me up and drive us out to Flushing, Queens.
To start, the side dishes were many and many were tasty.  Even the bok choy, which is usually something I don't like, had some nice seasoning and I grabbed some jap chae (thin glass noodles with vegetables), mandu (dumplings) and scallion pancakes.'s really all about the meat here, such a great bargain!  My dear vegetarian friends, please look away (sorry, Angela...)
Now let's grab some galbi (ribs) and go!!
Liz was our bbq chef since I have so little cooking skill, and she did a great job.
The waitress came over and snipped the pieces apart neatly with scissors.
And then it was browning away as we started in on the accompaniments.
We realized part way through that we were filling up on, well, fillers, when the galbi was the star of the show!
You wrap it in lettuce leaves with sweet bean paste, or spicy chili paste, whole garlic cloves, sliced chilies and scallions to your taste.  And it was seriously tasty. We'll be back!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Vacation Days continue in Bermuda

Just got back from a week-long cruise to Bermuda.  It was pretty, warm and fun: here's the white lava cocktail I sipped as the ship left the harbor.
There were gorgeous sunsets to watch as they slid into evening.
Dinners to get dressed up for:
and oh, so much food.
Excursions to the Royal Naval Dockyard
and St. George
where we couldn't believe how blue the water was
and we made a few new friends.
If you like pink as I've mentioned I do more than a few times before, this is the place for you, especially in the town of Hamilton:
so many pretty houses (in other colors too).
We took a sunset glass bottom boat to see the coral, fish and a shipwreck below.
And went to Horseshoe Bay
probably the most beautiful (and pink!) beach I've ever seen
where we climbed up a cliff to look around for miles
and the water was still clear.
Although this is NOT the way that I came down again.
It was a lovely trip, more pics to come!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Vacation Day 1: Blogger Meetup!

Heading out the door, but writing a few quick e-mails before shutting my phone off for a week and having limited internet access -- yikes!  But I had to do a quick post about the awesome blogger meet-up yesterday in McCarren Park.  I felt met Helen from Helen Hearts, yay!  First though, I did some morning baking. 
Popovers really DO pop up!  Had them with some of my strawberry jam.
And made some jam-filled cookies from a recipe by Mrs. Fields for the picnic.
Helen and I also made some new friends!  The Delightful Dozen hosted and I'm so happy I met Yanil from thenewyorkerstyle (check out her handmade jewelry!), the totally stylishly fabulous Monroe from Fashion Steele NYC (love her twirling in her latest post) and the totally fun Nicole from Black Shoes Diary (she had the most adorable shoes on that she got for FREE!  And thanks to whoever made the spectacular spiked punch...
The girls took me vintage shopping at beacon's closet, which I have NEVER done before and I can't believe how fun it was!  
Got some dresses from Calvin Klein, J. Crew and Kimchi Blue for such great prices.  Uh oh, I may have found a new obsession...too bad this cute, pink wall sconce in the dressing room wasn't for sale.
Also loved these colorful chairs lining Bedford Avenue.  Helen said they're all over Paris too, so can't wait to see them in person very soon.
We also passed the biggest Scrabble game.  Too bad I am so so bad at Scrabble.
Well, my posts never end up short or quick, but there you go.  And to my new friend who I sent a link to today, hope you visit soon!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Change of Scene

It's been a wallop of a spring!  Busy all around, lots of changes, yadda yadda it's time to get out of here for a while, see some new things and make some new memories.
I heard about this NYC & Philly blogger meetup organized by Delightful Dozen from the always fabulous Helen Zuo of Helen Hearts.  We've been bloggy pals for a while so I'm SO excited to meet her in person and trek over to Brooklyn together.  Fingers crossed for a dry day with rapid transportation...a LOT of fingers crossed...
Then on Father's Day I'm hitting the high seas for a cruise...
to Bermuda!  It'll be my 2nd time there and is well-deserved vaca time for my sister who just took her 8-hour medical boards exam: so proud of her and can't wait to chill together.
Then even tho I'll be back at work for a few days, I'll start out next month with a plane ride to...
Paris!  It'll be my first time to Europe so I've been trying to brush up on my French but it's been a looong time since high school.  I'm absolutely in love with the colorful Parisian art print collections from little brown pen and can't wait to go find some beautiful things to see and taste.  
Hope you're all traveling somewhere fun this summer, or having a lovely staycation as Time Out New York recommends this week.  Either way, relax, enjoy and take yourself on a little date like Helen did in her sweet encouragement post.  We could all use more time for quiet self reflection.  And yea, that's another shoutout for ya, Helen, see u tomorrow!

[kitten in car pic from 123RF Stock Photos]
[Hello Kitty suitcase pic from Amazon]
[pic of rare Barbie Cruise Boat from]
[pink beach pic from arirang (Korea International Broadcasting Foundation)]
[PARIS IN PINK photo collage by little brown pen]

Monday, June 13, 2011


OMG, I made jam! after I went strawberry picking last weekend.
Cutting them up probably took longer than anything else.
And since I closed a sweet deal at work this week I bought myself a present I've been craving for a long time: a cassis Le Creuset 3.5 quart French oven.
It helped that Broadway Panhandler was having a great sale: I even got a free bakeware set with purchase!
Next: supplies!  A lid lifter and jar lifter while I was at Broadway Panhandler, Ball jars and a funnel at Walmart (they have a whole canning section!) and Canning for a New Generation by Liana Krissoff.
I really like this book: beautiful pictures, tasty-looking recipes and a soothing (and encouraging!) writing style.  So, away we go...boiling the jars...
starting to cook down the berries, adding sugar and watching it all meld together.
And finally filling the jars and processing them for a few minutes in the boiling water to create a seal.
It wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be and way more fun. Maybe I shouldn't of started at 10 p.m., but I still had a good time (even tho I didn't go to sleep until 2:30 a.m. on a Monday).
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