Wednesday, March 31, 2010

...and Out Like a Lamb...

I must be the only one in New York who wore a winter coat today, temp's going up to 60 and climbing over the week.  I figured yesterday would be my last March flower post (and the month would end with rain), but then these tulips came into the office.
I'm not usually an orange person, but this shade is really soft.  We also got some gerbera daisies and parrot tulips for a party last night, so I rescued the extras.  
We did a crazy kids' candy station
and chocolate fountain from Dylan's Candy Bar.
And at last I had some relaxing time to organize sewing stuff.
The little packet of fabric is from Purl Patchwork in Soho and the pieces are about 25" x 17" so I need to figure out what to make.  I'm starting to understand why people have such fabric stashes!  The only piece that's labeled is this cream, pink, orange print from Amy Butler.
And on April 15 the Purl yarn and fabric shops are moving in together and there's a fun customer appreciation day on Saturday the 24th.  They're also promising online surprises if you can't make it in person, so check out their Purl Bee blog.  I like this cute little map they made to show the new location on Broome Street, will definitely be making a trip over there soon.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Drenched in NYC

[from: fanpop]
April showers are early in New York and this is 'Rainy Day in Paris', painted in 1877 by Gustave Caillebotte.  I reached my March goal of doing a flower arrangement every week (and sometimes 2), so one more: I started with yellow freesia and am ending with creamy white freesia.  My little nail peeking out is polished with Exposure by Essie.
I also made a goal to take a ballet class, which hasn't happened yet, and to  learn to use my sewing machine.  So, even the rain can't dampen my excitement for this Stitch Fest event at the Martha Stewart offices on Thursday to celebrate their new Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts, yay!
If you're in the area there are still tickets left!  Hope everyone stays dry today, or there's some sun where you are :-)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Just In Time...

It's my 50th post and I finally finished a knitting project!  I can't even remember the last time I could say this, but today I completed my merino candle flame cowl from this pattern by Sarah E. White.  Yesterday I visited the Totallysuperdeluxe pop-up sale hosted by Jocelyn Joson in her husband's video studio in Soho and found out they have these every other month, cool! 
I bought the frosted glass buttons above and wasn't sure what I'd use them for until I was finishing up my cowl...
I started this at the beginning of the month with Organic Merino Wool DK from Sublime that I got at Gotham Fine Yarn in the Lower East Side and thought the buttons would be a nice, little touch.

I admit that I sometimes start more projects than I finish, so it was good to get one done just in time for what will hopefully be a spring warmup soon after not such a great weekend. 
I also bought some bright daffodils to cheer me up and put them on my beloved desk next to an Easter project I started.  Hmmm...still have to finish that hat for my Dad too...but gotta post this before it's tomorrow, right now it's 11:59 p.m....

Friday, March 26, 2010

Crafty Weekend Plans

Happy Friday!  It's the first full Spring weekend (since it officially started last Saturday @1:32 p.m. EST) and even though the weather's reverting a bit to wintry in NYC I'm going to try to stay positive.  These lovely orchids are from the beautiful L'Olivier Floral Atelier on 14th Street.  I visited this week and was inspired by their beautiful arrangements and backyard garden.
So, here are some springy, crafty things to do this weekend if you're in my area...

- Time Out New York lists this CRAFTernoon event with designer Janet Kim of the clothing line Graey and her friend Diana Huang teaching reverse applique with free cupcakes! (and a suggested donation benefiting The Father's Heart Ministries)

- Daily Candy lists this pop-up indie craft fair in Soho and this perfume class with Le Labo Fragrances, the beautiful boutique that custom-mixes raw fragrances while you wait.  The classes will benefit the Humanity Perfume Fountain Project, very cool.

- and when I googled Crafternoon I also found this site and blog from Maura Madden who does crafty events at The New York Public Library.  I'm sorry I missed this one last weekend with felt designer Kata Golda since I've been admiring her work sold at Kate's Paperie.

- And then googling all of that I found this Etsy Lab in Brooklyn where they have monthly Craft Meetings, wow!

So much to do...happy weekend ;-)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Mystery Flower...

My work computer's been on the fritz, but I'm beyond thrilled that it may be coming back to life again, so here's this week's flower arrangement on my desk with a few chocolate bunnies from the awesome Economy Candy in the Lower East Side.  If anyone knows what kind of flower this is, please let me know: I thiiink it may be lisianthus, but I'm not totally certain.  But it's pretty and opening gently already.  Happy Monday (if Monday can be happy and if not, at least it's almost Tuesday ;-)....)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Everything's Gone Green

Happy late St. Patrick's Day...I mentioned that it's been a busy week, but I still squeezed some craftiness in.  These are some Shamrock Boutonnieres from a Martha Stewart pattern.
I actually traced and cut the shamrock shapes and it took SO much longer than when I use the cute, little paper punches that I'm a liiittlle too much in love with, ha.  But eventually I had a good bunch.
Then I received this lovely card from my friend, Koru Kate from Koru Wedding Style!
I also tried coloring some carnations...

and they did take on a slight green tint:

And I embroidered a little tea towel:
and brought some gifts to St. Pat's dinner.
Here's my parents' dog Guinness hoping for a treat.  They brought him home around St. Pat's Day 2 years ago, so he got an Irish name.
And then it was corned beef and cabbage time with Irish soda bread and (green) beer.  Good luck and good health for the year!

A Bag and a Tag...

Happy 1st day of Spring weekend!  Hope it's sunny where you are.  Ahhh, sad blogging hiatus, busy week, but lovely Jozen from Lola's Girl tagged me days ago to show off what's in my bag, so I'm playing catch up, fun! 
- bag: Marc Jacobs
- magazine: Saveur, my fave foodie read
- case for my Samsung TL225 camera: it has a screen in the back and in the front so you can see yourself when you're taking a self portrait ;-)
- pink iPod: they don't even sell this cute model anymore, but it was a b-day gift from the boyfriend engraved on the back with "JS hearts JK"
- tape measure from Party Rental Ltd.: always with me for work and I love their pink hippo logo
- gold compact: Estee Lauder, a Christmas gift from my Mom years ago; need to buy a refill of the pressed powder inside
- Infallible Never Fail Lipgloss from L'Oreal in Posy: pretty happy with this one, glides on nicely and doesn't get messy when you close it like a lot of glosses do
- Guess watch (can't see it with the glare, but it has a pretty pink face)
- strawberry chap stick, flash drive, moist towelette (very handy!), pen (I usually carry 2 around just in case), keys, gum, wallet, tissues
- and Blackberry Tour: no, I am NOT addicted...much...

And yes, somehow, it all fits in the bag, but sometimes it's a bit heavy.  Next, I tag Creative Coquette, Junghwa by Amy Stewart, MadsaboutU, Fashion Meets Food, milk tea + polkadots, and Gordon Gossip to show us what's in YOUR bag!  Enjoy, have fun and if you take as long as I did to post (or don't have a chance to) that's ok too :-)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Ahead Arrangement

Crazy daylight savings was cool coming home before dark, but now I don't want to go to sleep yet!  Had a great work day today and picked up some hyacinths for spring (just a few more days until this Saturday, the 20th, the 1st day!, which will also be Macaron Day NYC as I mentioned here). 

These blooms are quite pale and not fully open yet, so I put them by this pink pillow to make them pop a bit.  The stalks were even paler, like white asparagus, a little too blanched, so I wrapped the vase with fresh green leaves from the inside.  I'm looking forward to longer days and the promise of spring breezes soon...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

An Inspiring Evening with Martha

My first trip to Martha Stewart headquarters was back in December for their Craft Fair and last Thursday I had the privilege of attending an event to celebrate the Tastemakers featured in their April issue.  Saying that Martha is an inspiration to me (and so many) is a humble understatement and she has such an amazing and creative team.  These images are from the hallowed hall that leads to their offices.
I'd really enjoy a walk to work like this.
The April issue has 3 different covers: one featuring stenciled Easter eggs (pretty!), another with a lemon crepe cake (yum!) and the 3rd with a gorgeous flower arrangement of parrot tulips (love), lilac (a definite fave), daffodils (I didn't know there were so many different kinds!) and hellebores (never seen before, but they are splendid)
Among the many tasty bites and sips at the event were a sampling of tasty hors d'oeuvres on breads from Sullivan Street Bakery and beer from Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales.  There were lovely macarons from MadMac (yes, with 1 "o", the French way).  I've blogged about macarons here and here and here and MadMac's are seriously tasty; great texture and the fillings were delicious: chocolate, coffee, apricot, raspberry and pistachio:
Their website has an ad for the very 1st annual Macaron Day NYC on Saturday, 3/20 where participating locations are giving away free macarons with a portion of the day's proceeds going to City Harvest.  They're hoping to make the macaron "the new cupcake", nice.
There were also yummy chocolate caramels with gray and smoked salts from Fran's Chocolates in Seattle.  And there was a big crowd around Fleisher's Grass-Fed and Organic Meats as they demo'd how to butcher a whole pig and raffled off the parts.  I loved it when they gave Martha a big sampling and she popped it into her handbag!
I took a peek behind the scenes at the neatly organized rows of desks in the office and marveled at the inspiration boards everywhere: totally want to post pics, but don't want to spoil the next issue!  And as we left there were (very generously heavy) gift bags:
I love this April issue and can't wait to get started on spring and Easter projects.  I also had to buy the gorgeous "Pretty in Pink" Spring 2010 Weddings Issue to get inspired for a pink party this summer.
Next I really want to go to this Stitch Fest Party on April 1st to launch the new Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts.  And check out The Crafts Dept. blog for their entry on the Craft and Hobby Association's Winter Trade Show to see some amazingly enormous knit animals from Lion Brand Yarn, another of my faves.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Research in the Flower Market

I liked the bustling flower market where Ashton Kutcher worked in the recent movie Valentine's Day, but New York has a pretty cool neighborhood too.  I visited in Feb when I made my Valentine's arrangement, but yesterday I took a more extended trip to research decor for an April launch event.

I've been really into flowering branches lately: the pic above is quince and below is plum.
There was also cherry:
and dogwood:
and hm, I forget what this one is, but I really like it, maybe white cherry?
I'll probably get some of this curly willow:
maybe some white birch:
I also need a few trees and looking for them in the little shops was like being in a forest:

This is a "chicken gizzard" aralia, funny name, cool tree:
and there was a nice magnolia:
A few potted plants may work too:
some azalea:
maybe a ficus or two:
and I'm so impressed that we can grow citrus in this area, even though it's not quite right for this event:
Then I had to get some flowers for an event that evening.  I LOVE parrot tulips:
and hydrangea and peonies:
these anemones caught my eye too:
and who doesn't like roses?

I got a lot of pretty ideas for April, but I only needed a few blooms for that evening so I brought back white cymbidium orchids, pink peonies, blue hydrangea and purple phalaenopsis.
and I really heart the quince blossoms, so one last pic:

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