Thursday, September 22, 2011

Last Slice of Summer

Today's the last day of summer and I hope everyone had a great season.  It's strangely grey outside in NYC but I'm thinking back over the last few months and these Citrus Coasters I made from the Purl bee.
Here's the process going backwards.  
I still want to make them in all of the summery colors.
So simple and so cheerful. 

I have the pink grapefruit at work to brighten my desk.
It was finished in the car 
on the way to Philly for a weekend getaway.
It was easier to do the pinning at home first
and most of the cutting too.
The spring felt bundle from Purl Soho has all these great colors.
Thanks, summer...
I think I'm ready to welcome autumn tomorrow.


youngmi said...

so cute! this project has been on my to do list all summer. they look so juicy... makes me thirsty :)

Ann said...

Very cute and such delicious colors. They remind me of those sugary fruit slices - yum!

Craftiness NOW said...

thanks so much, youngmi & Ann! definitely like the sugary fruit slices! each time i make one it goes faster, hopefully i'll have more colors done soon :-) oh and for fall, purl has an apple pattern!

flora said...

how cute! i like the grapefruit one too!

seth norris said...

you are so very gifted my dear! i love seeing what you create. sxxx

Helen said...

So cute! These would be the cutest little housewarming gift!

Craftiness NOW said...

thank you, flora, seth & Helen! i heart making stuff and giving simple gifts, they can be quick and easy and fun :-)

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