Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I went to a very pretty event last night: Swarovski held a charity auction at Phillips de Pury of 22 specially commissioned little black designer dresses with 100% of the proceeds benefiting two cancer societies (in America and in France).  The view from the event space looked out over the High Line park and the Hudson River.
My favorites were the starburst embroidered mini-dress (Azzaro), asymmetrically draped strapless with beaded flower (Giorgio Armani Prive) and pleated silk chiffon strewn with hundreds of Swarovski crystals (Alberta Ferretti).  So, today I walked by the Swarovski Crystallized boutique on Broadway in Soho where you can design your own jewelry using their crystals in every color of the rainbow (I like those pink cell phone cases):
And I liked their window display uptown on 5th Ave earlier this year for the 2nd Sex and the City movie:
When I was little my grandmother gave me Swarovski figurines for special occasions (birthdays, graduations, piano recitals) and I wish I could go to my parents' attic and find them right now.  I definitely had this swan:

[from Swarovski]
and a little duck that I loved.  The dear model that I had long ago has since been discontinued, but here's one of their newer designs:

[from Swarovski]
Funny how your childhood treasures can bring back such feelings.  This was really key in the movie Never Let Me Go that I mentioned last month, finally saw it last night.  And a new mom friend of mine was so excited when her husband bought her this re-released Fisher-Price toy television just like she had when she was little. 
[from Amazon]
Did you ever have one?  Or maybe one of these?  I think I had both!
[from Amazon]
And one last glitzy note: last week we celebrated the soon-to-be-opening pizza restaurant from Donatella Arpaia and saw her golden oven!
Built by hand in Chelsea from the ground up with materials and builders all the way from Naples (where Ms. Arpaia also received pizza training), it turned out puffy-crusted pies that were beautiful and delicious.  Now that's crafty!


The Girlie Blog said...

Oh I'm sure the entire event was just beautiful and shiny!

No, I didn't have such toys when I was little. I spent my younger years in China and my family was very poor. I'd love to get them for my daughter though. They look so cute.

Sandy a la Mode said...

what a beautiful post~!! soo sparkly and shiny! :)

aizkim said...

a golden oven! Now that's a must-see!

Justin said...

fyi, i stole the oven that night from the part and i'm hiding it in the closet now

Craftiness NOW said...

hi Girlie Blog, that must've been hard growing up, but it's so sweet that you want to give so much to your daughter now.

thanks, Sandy, i've always loved sparkles, maybe from my grandmother's presents, haah

hi aizkim, yes, the oven is beautiful and the best thing is that it also makes very delicious pizza!!

hey justin, aha! i thought i saw something shiny in there...

Jenny G. said...

LOVE the Fisher Price stuff...but what about the basset hound pull toy and the 'lawn mower'?

Craftiness NOW said...

oh Jenny, you're right! i think i actually had the basset and my brother had the lawn mower, so funny :-)

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