Thursday, September 16, 2010

In Between Weekends

I wish I could tell you more about this beautiful Korean sewing book from Nobel Bookstore in the H-Mart shopping complex in Ridgefield, New Jersey.
I've tried Google Translate, used the Google tool bar on this Korean Sewing Factory website and am working through Rosetta Stone, but I have a long way to go.  Maybe now that my work for Fashion Week is winding down and it's almost Friday again I'll have more time. 
Last Saturday we had lunch on St. Mark's Place
and spied a very cool Singer sewing machine at a sidewalk sale, kinda like the ones lining the walls at the AllSaints boutique in Soho.
A colorful collection of glass bottles and jars made me think of this great article from Martha Stewart Living and some of the photo shoots I've visited where they've had lots of different props.
On University Place we passed Gigi K, a shop full of interesting stockings....made me want to pick up a crochet hook again since I haven't used one since I made a few little animals.
At H-Mart on Sunday we had bibimbap, one of my favorites
and bought more ingredients to bring home
to do some more cooking too
and ended the weekend with a nice, quiet meal at home.
I've always admired the fascinating Japanese craft books at Kinokuniya by Bryant Park, so it's great to have a Korean bookstore nearby too.
Maybe I'll be able to interpret enough to make a fun project someday.


Sandy a la Mode said...

wow i can only imagine the possibilities of beautiful photoshoots with all those glass jars~!! and you have got me hungry with all that korean food jen, and i just ate dinner too!

gina said...

Wow the top on the bottom picture looks awesome! What's the name of the book?

N said...

I spy soju!Those Korean craft books have always interested me too. But if even you can't understand all of it, I have no chance.

Craftiness NOW said...

hi Sandy! anytime's good for Korean food in my book (even after dinner, hehe...)

hi gina, i wish i could read the Korean and tell u the name of the book! here it is on that website:

hi N, haha, i think i may be able to figure *some* of it out because they have measurements in #'s, but i'm not a good sewer yet either, so it's a bit of a mystery still. we'll see! oh and yes, soju, we bought a case, nice ;-)

Brandi said...

You will! Just keep working at it! All your photos make me miss NYC so much! And all that delicious looking food is making my stomach rumble.

You should try pinterest too -- I think you'd really like it. Have a great weekend!

Vicky said...

I'm neither Japanese nor Korean but do buy Japanese pattern books from Kinokuniya because I just love their simple and natural styles for children. Saying that though, I haven't sewn from them yet. Still learning how to decipher the diagrams.

I don't live very far from all the Korean shops and restaurants here in Sydney and have recently discovered Choco Pie.

aizkim said...

your comment made me smile. thank you for the blog visit. I know what you mean by the "translation" thing. I myself got a hoard of Japanese craft and sewing books but am left to interpret the pictures instead as i dont understand a single Japanese character...hahaha. But they're too cute to ignore, right?

Craftiness NOW said...

hi Brandi, thanks for visiting! it's lunchtime over here now...and i will definitely do more research soon ;-)

hi Vicky, glad to hear Sydney has a great Korean area, would love to visit someday! i agree, the Asian craft books have such a lovely feel and style, i'm working on translating the patterns too. oh and i want to find Choco Pie now!

hi aizkim, thanks for stopping by! ahhh, i wish i knew so many languages, but at least the numbers and patterns are universal because yes, those books are too wonderful :-)

Mileva Malik said...

I don´t speak Koreean but Im good sewing if you like scan the book and send it , choose some projects I can document instructions and send it back. pasdepublicite at dot com

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