Thursday, November 18, 2010

Crafty Holiday Prep 2010

One week to Thanksgiving!  Once again, Martha Stewart Living is having a Holiday Craft Sale, this year on Saturday, December 4th.  I really enjoyed it last year, so I'll sure be going again.  And I can't wait to get their December issue packed with exciting, new projects: ornaments made from strings of sequins?  Yes, please.

Amy Atlas has a very pretty Thanksgiving Crafty Round-up.  I want even just a few more days to do all of these.

I want to make this sweet, little knit pumpkin I saw over on FlowerPot Designs.  How many can I make by next week?!

I'd also love to have these felt oak-leaf bowls from Martha Stewart on my Thanksgiving table.  And how cute are these paper pilgrim hats?

It isn't too early for holiday gift project plans.  Over on the purl bee are ideas to get you started on your knitting and sewing: they have the most gorgeous fabrics and luxurious yarns, a lovely way to make your projects even more special.

Great array of holiday gift tutorials over at Sew, Mama, Sew with categories for Hipsters, Pet Lovers, Foodies and more.

Paper Source has fun holiday card kits.  Looking forward to visiting the new Brooklyn location with Koru Kate!

And lots of holiday decor patterns over at Lion Brand Yarn.  If you're in the NYC area don't miss visiting their beautiful studio.

Those are just a few for now, and this year I want to get back to things I haven't done in years:

1) get a real Christmas tree
2) make a gingerbread house
3) send holiday cards
4) actually cook something
5) have a party
6) go see The Nutcracker
7) and finish a few gifts I've started on already, shhh...

Happy holiday planning!


flora said...

oh, I didn't get a chance to visit the Lion Brand studio. I wish I could have but they are closed on Saturdays. Guess I need to make another LONGER trip!

Hearthandmade said...

ooo i also have a large list of items to do! be careful with the real tree... with the tub of water you need to keep the tree in and the lectrics.. obv. if you buy a tree that hasnt been cut down but has been grown in a pot you can repot to a bigger tub in spring and actually keep it alive and put it in your garden for next years xmas! Cuz cutting down a tree releases all of co2 that it ever took in and would take another 20 years for a new tree to absorb the same amount. Better for the environment and saves u money!!

I have an artificial tree.. its way easier! Just a pain to store :)

Koru Kate said...

My last gingerbread house experience ended with a glue gun . . . no lie! Never again :-) Good luck with your holiday list! Let's plan the PS trip soon!!

Craftiness NOW said...

hi flora, yes, i think another trip is in order soon!

hi Hearthandmade, yea, i have no yard AND no storage so we'll see what happens, haha...

thanks, Koru Kate and yes, we are Brooklyn-bound very soon. watch that glue gun ;-)

aizkim said...

oh, am a Martha Stewart wannabe! I love all her ideas...too bad am thousands of miles away from her Holiday Craft Sale. Am also too excited about the coming holiday...Christmas has been and will always be my favorite. Tons of craft projects lined up so thanks so much for sharing all these wonderful sites!

Craftiness NOW said...

hi aizkim, welcome back, thanks for visiting again :-) looking forward to seeing your projects!

Helen said...

Love your list, especially the gingerbread house and holiday cards! I love receiving holiday cards, and keeping them for years. So many fond memories! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)

aizkim said...

Am passing the "lovely blog award" to you by the way. Check out the link below. Have a great day!

Tag you're it!.

Craftiness NOW said...

hi Helen, thanks so much! hope you had a lovely holiday.

thanks, aizkim, i'll have to check that out!

hey Ashley, good luck with your list, it's coming quickly ;-)

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