Monday, December 7, 2009

Inside MSLO

I braved the rain and the first snow of the month to go to the Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Holiday Craft Sale.  Martha has been an inspiration to me for years so it was exciting just to walk the halls of the office and peer through the doors.  When the elevators opened on the 9th floor there was a long line that curved around a few corners, but moved quickly and opened onto a large, light-filled room of crafts of all kinds.

I love the possibilities of creativity, seeing how someone else views the world and what they can potentially bring to it. 

I saw a necklace made with the tiniest crochet hook I've ever seen, which made a round no larger than a thumbnail.  I picked up a pretty stuffed animal and admired how soft it was, knowing that it was made of cashmere, but not realizing at first that every figure on the table had been made from cashmere sweaters. 

There was a table where you could make your own gift tags with the Martha paper punches.  I had already bought the scalloped tag punch at Michael's, but I was here for the snowflake shape. 

They were out of the edge punch that could make a whole line of flakes along the side of a page, but I got the alpine snowflake punch and was quite happy with the two garlands I've made so far.

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