Monday, April 26, 2010

'Tis Craft Fair Season

Even when I'm busy up to my ears I still miss things, but I'm so glad I snapped this picture on the L train from Brooklyn this weekend.  This papier-mache sheep was actually life-sized and the artist was protecting it so gently and agreed to having his pic taken.  I've started a list in my sidebar to keep track of upcoming crafty events.  Here are some I went to recently: I'll try to keep up to speed!

Saturday, April17th: Not Yo Mama's Craft FairParlay Studios, Jersey City
Walking through the 2 rooms of the warehouse-y Parlay Studios, I admired feltwork by Anne Messley of Felt It, picked up a postcard from sewing website BurdaStyle, bought 2 card prints of Liberty State Park by Billy John Moore Photography, met his girlfriend Alice, CEO of James John Lip Balm, and bought a lovely glass bead wire ring from Beth Fliegler of Baublettes by Beth.
Saturday, Aprl 24th: Handmade Cavalcade, Berry Park, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
At this 2-level bar/restaurant/rooftop terrace space I met Rachel from Swap-Bot where you can join in and swap your creativity with other crafters by mail, learned more about The {NewNew}, the group of independent artists and designers in the NYC area, talked to Juan Arango Cano of Caja Jewelry about his amazing, hand-cut, eco-friendly pieces, marveled at the hand-punched cards and lampshades by warpeDesign, admired the handprinted dresses by Karin Persan, founder of the Better Than Jam Handmade Co-Op, loved the messages in a bottle, personalized embroidery and vintage-inspired letter books from Miniature Rhino, bought a glass tile magnet from Linda Catalano of Purty Bird, enjoyed the adorable animal drawings by Jess of LittleBunny and adored the vintage lucite beaded jewlery from WishbyFelicity (and I do WISH I had bought a specific necklace I was admiring, so I'll have to visit her Etsy shop!)

Saturday, April 24th: opening party for the new Purl Soho Store, NYC
I've been looking forward to the new digs that are now the joint home of Purl and Purl Patchwork and it did not disappoint: a beautiful light, airy space for fibers and fabrics...and a lovely gift bag, so much inspiration...where to start?...!


Jenny said...

you have such a cute blog! i loveeeee crafts :) i plan to be craft crazy as a hobby after i start my career :)

trishie said...

Craft fairs are awesome, i love going and seeing what creative people are making.
Cute ring btw!

junghwa by amy stewart said...

Cute ring. Goes so well with your lovely nails. :)

Btw... I have a new GIVEAWAY!
cluster necklace giveaway

jozen said...

haha, the sheep photo was PRICELESS!!!

Craftiness NOW said...

hi Jenny, thanks for visiting. biochem sounds VERY crafty indeed, amazing ;-)

thanks, trishie! i love that there are so many craft fairs popping up lately, hope there are some in your area :-)

thanks, amy, i know you're a nail polish and jewelry fan of course too!

and thanks, jozen, i'm so glad i asked to take the shot ;-)

misscindee said...

hi sweetie,

thx for following my blog. Im so envious that you live in NYC! I paid a lil visit in Sept and I fell in love with the city. There are so many amazing things to do and interesting treasures to find. be it coffee shops, boutiques, eateries...

anyways, you have a pretty cute blog here. Looking forward to seeing more crafts! Don't be a stranger, babe


Thavasa said...

Thank you so much for the sweet comments!!

The craft fair sounds so cool! I wish to visit NYC soon. Always love to see NYC scene( I love watching any TV shows that's based on NYC :P)... your blog is also a good place for me to enjoy some NYC scene :)

Craftiness NOW said...

hi Cindee, thanks so much for visiting! hope u get another visit to nyc someday :-)

thanks, Thavasa, hope u get to take a vacation here too :-)

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