Sunday, April 18, 2010

Crushing on Color

I'm adoring the new issue of Martha Stewart Living for May, all about finding the "hue for you."  I write about pink a lot and sometimes purple, and love the palate of both with cream.  It got me thinking about shades, flavors and textures, for example:

A Pink Marc de Champagne truffle from Charbonnel et Walker, a gift my boyfriend brought me from London a few years ago,
lights at the Angel Orensanz Foundation in the Lower East Side,
water kimchi at Bibim-Bar in the East Village.  We weren't sure what it was when we had it a while back, but loved the color (and the taste),
mix for macaroons that reminded me of wampum: beads made from shells highly prized if they were rare purple,
nail art done in Korea with O.P.I. polish in Hawaiian Orchid, so pearly it reminded me of a pink seashell,
and this pic from last spring on Hudson Street.
Pink and purple together can make a gorgeous sunset,
and then it's just a tiny step away to blue, like these hyndrangeas for my Mom's birthday
and at the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market in San Francisco.
And in more macaroons.
I've always loved water, and each ball in this display was filled with it at the Dining by Design tabletop event for DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting Aids).
At another event, Zaha Hadid's mobile art installation for Chanel emanated a futuristic blue glow,
and back at Angel Orensanz Foundation, this is their starry ceiling.

Hmmm...I see another blog redesign in my near future.
What's your favorite hue and do you love it alone, or mixed into a palette?


tris1978ton said...

Such beautiful colors you posted! Love the flowers! They smell good and remind me that spring is here.

I like to mix, but not too much. Usually I go with a single color, but mix with only a little bit of contrasting colors. Keeping it simple is what I prefer.

PinkBow said...

oh i love pink, those flower pictures just fill me with delight.

ChineseKite said...

How cheerful colors! I like purple and pink a lot, too. Sometimes, I like other crazy colors, based on my mood.

Sandy a la Mode said...

awww these are such beautiful pictures! i am a huge fan of pink and purple together, in fact, my college apartment was named the "Pink and Purple Palace" b/c I decorated with pink and my roommate decorated with purple, haha!

jozen said...

my little girl's favorite colour combo is pink and purple!

Jen Kim said...

hi tris1978ton, i agree with keeping it simple. i bought a color wheel today to think about how to make some nice combinations :-)

thanks, PinkBow, i've been taking in as many flowers as i can this spring!

hi ChineseKite, i agree: my mood can definitely influence my color choices, i've been getting into the season with some lighter ones recently!

hey Sandy, that is too funny! everyone in my office knows i'm a pink girl: when someone lost a pink umbrella recently it was just put on my desk cuz they figured it was mine.

hi jozen, that's cute, it seems to be a popular combo :-)

trishie said...

Beautiful post, i love the palettes of pink purple and cream too.
And now i'm dying to taste water kimchi! What's it taste like?

Small Burst said...

great colors! I'll take the hydrangeas and macaroons please.

Jen Kim said...

thanks, trishie! this water kimchi was very mild, not spicy at all, with just a bit of sourness in the pickle. there are over 200 kinds of kimchi, i wish i could try them all!

hi Small Burst, thanks for visiting :-) i love that there are so many macaroon lovers out there.

Anonymous said...

beautiful colours! thank you for commenting! I think you have an awesome job!!

Craftiness NOW said...

hi Nic Nic, thanks so much and thanks for following! i try not to write about my job too much, but it does cross over into my personal interests, so i will once in a while :-)

sheryan said...

thanks for visiting my blog :D I'm happy you like my little hedgehog!
I'm loving all of the photos that you posted up on here! All the flowers are soooooo pretty. Oh, and I really like your nail art that you had done in Korea (: I miss Korea, I went there during the christmas holidays and spent new years day there too. It was a ton of fun, I can't wait to go back! My friends and I stayed in Seoul for the most part, but we also traveled to Busan and Daegu^_^

burcu d. said...

AWSEOME the colours!

Craftiness NOW said...

hi sheryan, thanks for visiting, i love your creations! i miss korea too, can't wait to go back when i can afford it ;-) i want to get to busan and daegu someday too.

thanks, burcu d., glad you stopped by!

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