Monday, February 1, 2010

Crocheting Blind

Completed: January 30th 2010.  Pattern: Lion Brand Yarns, Yarn: Lion Brand Vanna's Choice in Dusty Rose and Fun Fur in Soft Pink

Such an innocent-looking amigurumi flamingo, sitting by the sunny window.  I've mentioned before that I heart Lion Brand: their adorable shop has a beautiful selection, cozy work space and ultra-helpful staff who helped me order the fun fur for this project online, then had it delivered to my house in a few days with free shipping. 

So, why the worry?  When I saw this pattern I instantly thought of my friend fashion designer and graphic artist Mika Wyche.  Her gorgeous designs are created with all organic materials and are inspired by nature and animals and one of her dresses has a silk-screen print of a flamingo, and she has a flamingo painting in her living room.  I was so impressed when she told me she went camping in Africa and saw a flock of flamingos fly away.  I didn't even realize they could fly!  I've made a few amigurumi before and really enjoyed them and this one seemed simple enough. 

She looked a little bit like a pink alien before I sewed her beak on, but that was simple.
Things were going as usual until: the fun fur.
It was hard to see the stitches amidst all the fur!  I felt like I was sort of just guessing on where the crochet hook should go next, but eventually it worked out and the bird had a head and a body.  Then it was time for the legs.  I'm no stranger to amigurumi birds: my 1st project was a turkey, and then there was the penguin so this didn't intimidate me.
Here's one little leg in progress.  Now with only 4 stitches around it was a very tight space to work in and I wasn't even sure if what I was looking at was even a stitch at all.
At last, time to sew her together.  I'm usually not so into this part, but it was a cinch with just 2 tiny legs.
I finished around 11:30 p.m., so I got this kind of cool, funny night shot.  Kind of went with how I felt while I was making it, like I was crocheting blind.  But it ended well: I hope Mika likes it.


trishie said...

How cute!

Jen Kim said...

thanks, trishie! glad the flamingo's gettin' some luv.

sharonlei said...

Oh my gosh! this is so stinkin adorable. I want one. :) Seriously I need one!! You are so talented.

xx Love & Aloha.

Jen Kim said...

thanks, sharonlei! it's pink and fluffy, but it was a little challenging. they're usually very easy tho :-)

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