Tuesday, February 1, 2011

100th Post Giveaway! (& my newest follower)

This is my 100th Post on Craftiness NOW!  
To celebrate I'm doing my 2nd giveaway: 12 greeting cards of all seasons made with Martha Stewart craft punches 
in hearts, flowers, leaves and snowflakes.  
My 1st giveaway was knit sushi for kitties, and speaking of kitties...meet Mila!
She's now the official blog mascot.  Strangely enough I just redecorated my bedroom in grey and then she came along and matches it quite well.
But back to the giveaway: the 3 heart cards say:
1) happy valentine's day (inside: to my one and only)
2) you & me (inside: meant to be) 
3) love to love you

The 3 snowflake cards say:
1) happy holidays
2) merry christmas to you
3) happy first snow to you (inside: and many more)
And...oh...uh oh, kitten card bowling, excuse me a minute...
Apparently if she's the center of attention she'll allow the photo session to continue.
Although she's thinking about knocking them all over again...I think...
Ahem...anyway, the 3 flower cards say:
1) miss you
2) happy birthday (inside: to you!)
3) happy day to you (inside: from me)
And the 3 leaf cards say:
1) i'm falling in love (inside: with you)
2) give thanks (inside: today & always)
3) thank you (inside: for all that you do)
And each card is stamped on the back with my new logo!  
Don't eat it, Mila...
OK, there's a better shot -- the stamp is from RubberStamps.net, highly recommended!
After the busy photo shoot she fell asleep, so now I can explain the giveaway:
1 entry will be given for each of the following:
- leave a comment with a favorite or unusual holiday you celebrate
- leave a (separate) comment with a crafty event coming up
- leave a(nother) comment with a great craft supply source
be a blog follower
- follow me on Twitter
- like the Craftiness NOW Facebook page

The winner will be chosen at midnight 
on Monday, February 14th, Valentine's Day!  
Good luck and thanks for making Mila feel at home here :-)


Helen said...

The cards are beautiful -- I especially like the cut-out hearts! Very crafty and clever :)

San Jose Love said...

The cards are beautiful and your bed spread is beautiful too. It's becoming tradition that we celebrate my dog's birthday like its an annual holiday. Maybe you will do the same with Mila. 1) holiday comment, 2) already a blog follower, 3) just followed you on twitter, 4) liked the facebook page, name is Ngoc. Thanks for the hosting the giveaway!

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

My favorite holiday is Halloween -- I was a theatre major in college and I like that it still gives me an excuse to dress up. And Mila is just beautiful -- I hope she's a cuddle too.

Savoir Affaire said...

Craft event going on now?

15 days of love to give:

Small Burst said...

what a cute kitty and she really does match your bedroom. The cards are awesome and I need to get that stamp.
Our favorite holiday is Christmas. It just brings out the kid in DH and I. Even more so having little ones who still believe in Santa.
I'm a twitter and blog follower already:)

Craftiness NOW said...

yayyy! thanks so much for entering, everyone :-) and thank you for sharing your favorite holidays. i love hearing about your celebrations and just how you all make any ol' day special!!

mila, is becoming quite the cuddle bug, i'm enjoying getting to know her better and the bedspread is alvine vacker from ikea:

ad said...

aww she looks like she is really warming up to you i'm glad.she really is a cuddle bug and she frequently would climb under the blankets with me too!!!!

Jackie Njeri said...

My favorite holiday is christmas, the music, the get togethers, THE FOOD and of course the gifts.

Jackie Njeri said...

I am a follower.

Craftiness NOW said...

thanks again to everyone who entered! i'm going to do another giveaway when i hit 100 followers :-)

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