Thursday, February 10, 2011

Swooning for Spring

I have to say I'm in love...with flowers...last spring as everything was blooming I felt like I was waking up and opening my eyes after a very long snooze, looking around in amazement at all the beautiful things around me.
And the flower market is bursting with flowers for Valentine's Day this week.
So many amazing colors and textures, I'm dying!
Wouldn't you love to receive these from your sweetie for Valentine's (or just any) day?
Ranunculus are gorgeous, but very delicate, just about paper thin.
Such soft, blushing colors, sigh....
And some that are more bold.
 Piles and piles everywhere at G. Page!
A friend asked me today about purple flowers, and I got to show him the pic I just took of some purple roses.
Sweet peas are oh so fragrant.
And so many kinds of tulips, look at these frilly edges.
Lilac is out already in white and purple, but not yet with the full, amazing scent they'll have later in the season.
I think this is flowering kale?
And I learned today that this is helleborus.
So here's today's haul: peach Juliet roses from David Austin, green and pink parrot tulips, white hydrangea, calla lilies and ranunculus.
I'm hoping for spring to come soon, but in the meantime, check out G. Page's Facebook page to see a new flower every day!


San Jose Love said...

AHmazing! I've been in love with garden roses and ranunculus lately too.

Suzanne said...

I really enjoyed your post today! It brought a little Spring to this horrible winter we've been having. I am SO LONGING for the Spring.

Ranunculus are one of my favorite flowers! And pink is one of my favorite colors. Lots of pretty pink flowers in your post. :)

I envy your job - you're always surrounded by and get to create such pretty things!

Helen said...

I love these flowers pics -- they really can cheer a girl up! (Especially on this cold night!)

Hearthandmade said...

i love flowers so much! I would love loads and loads of fresh blooms around my house

Craftiness NOW said...

yay, i'm SO glad ranunculus are so popular, i just discovered them last spring. they're delicate, but sorta wild looking, very cool. thanks for the lovely, fun comments :-) don't worry, ladies, spring is coming...!

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