Friday, December 25, 2009

Frosty Salted Pillar Candles

Merry Christmas!  It's been two days of good food, family, gifts and fun.  I really enjoyed making many of the presents I gave this year and these snowy candles from Martha Stewart Living were a hit.

Another great Martha craft that was so easy and had everyone asking how it was done.  With just some glue and epsom salt you can make candles wintry in seconds. 

I found silver trays and fabric flowers at Jamali Garden Supplies in the flower district, a great resource for decor, candles, wire, floral tape, glass, stones, shells and beyond.  And I wanted to give the whole wintry scene in one piece, so I poured in more salty snow, nestled in some greenery and the glittery matchboxes I made and set the arrangement into extra large boxes from The Container Store.

Wrapping was a little challenging, but I made a few labels to say "This End Up!" and they were ready to go into the car for Christmas Eve delivery.

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