Sunday, March 21, 2010

Everything's Gone Green

Happy late St. Patrick's Day...I mentioned that it's been a busy week, but I still squeezed some craftiness in.  These are some Shamrock Boutonnieres from a Martha Stewart pattern.
I actually traced and cut the shamrock shapes and it took SO much longer than when I use the cute, little paper punches that I'm a liiittlle too much in love with, ha.  But eventually I had a good bunch.
Then I received this lovely card from my friend, Koru Kate from Koru Wedding Style!
I also tried coloring some carnations...

and they did take on a slight green tint:

And I embroidered a little tea towel:
and brought some gifts to St. Pat's dinner.
Here's my parents' dog Guinness hoping for a treat.  They brought him home around St. Pat's Day 2 years ago, so he got an Irish name.
And then it was corned beef and cabbage time with Irish soda bread and (green) beer.  Good luck and good health for the year!


jozen said...

LOVE those little shamrocks.. they ROCK!

Koru Kate said...

the shamrocks are adorable!! & thanks for posting my humble attempt at a cute st. pat's card :-)

Jen Kim said...

thanks, jozen!

and thanks again, Koru Kate, the card is adorable, i love!

cArLa said...

i love your tea towel embroidery! this is my first time visiting your blog - it's great! thanks for following my blog!

MadsaboutU said...

love these salute to st. patty's! so adorable. I wanted some green beer too!:)

Jen Kim said...

hi cArLa, thanks for visiting and following :-) i hope to do more embroidery soon.

thanks, MadsaboutU, holidays are so fun :-)

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