Sunday, December 19, 2010

Amaryllis Arrangements: Prep Day

Although I was planning on using mistletoe for my next project, another opportunity came up to make table arrangements for a client's event.  So, I visited the space to get some inspiration and then it was back to the flower market for more research...
I wanted to find just the right greens.
And some kind of texture, maybe berries or something, hmmm...what are these...?
Some branches would also be good
and the room has a lot of gold in it too.
I really didn't know what these were!
But was told these were wild cucumber.  Not quite right for this, but amusing nonetheless.
I had to resist the phalaenopsis orchids I usually get
even though the pink hues were amazing but I needed a holiday theme instead.
And no flowering kale for me that day
no poppies either
and I had to tear my eyes away from the peonies and roses 
because I was here for the deep red amaryillis
and chose some sturdier evergreen branches and these leaves (mental note: need floral i.d. guide for sure)
and some beautiful pepperberry.  I got enough for 9 arrangements and hauled it all back to the office...more to come in Part 2!


Valerie said...

so many beauties to choose from !

Craftiness NOW said...

thanks, Valerie, it was hard to pick just a few!

San Jose Love said...

I always love your flower market posts. There's such a wide variety. I'm taking on the daunting task of DIY flowers for my wedding next summer. Any tips? mainly, how long will the arrangements last if I want to make them ahead of time and also which flowers are cheap in July? any info would help. THANKS!

Small Burst said...

Those peonies are to die for! Just gorgeous. BTW-Merry Christmas!

Craftiness NOW said...

hi San Jose Love, that's so exciting about your wedding flowers! i like this site:

and some of my favorites for that month are freesia (such a beautiful fragrance!), hydrangea (they're so full it's easy to make them look bountiful), lilac and lily of the valley also smell amazing (but don't seem to last that long so you could just mix some into the arrangements for accents). just some thoughts, happy planning!!

thanks, Small Burst, very happy holidays to you too!!

milk tea + polkadots said...

Ooh, love the pink roses and peonies! You're so crafty. You also know how to make flower arrangements? Oh my! I would love to learn how to do that. Whenever I bring flowers home, I'm clueless when I try to arrange them. :(

Craftiness NOW said...

hi milk tea + polkadots, you're an amazing designer so u can totally do it! just play around and clip here and there and don't be afraid to trim :-)

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