Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Japanese Flower Show

I was so happy to attend the Japan Bloom Fair organized by 
the Naniwa Flower Auction Co. Ltd. at The Japan Society yesterday.
There's a record # of pics here, so I won't say much, 
just thanks to Gary Page for the lead on Twitter!
Some pretty rose hat box arrangements, 
would be great for Valentine's Day!
great colors
lots of roses
a soft, blushing shade
love the name of this one
 and this one
 Sweet pea
 so light and airy
Wish I could've spent more time there, 
but it was a welcome bright spot in a dreary, slushy, wintry day.


MizzJ said...

Love the soft, delicate color of those blush roses!

aiz kim said...

this is flower heaven!!!

San Jose Love said...

I love all the blush and light pink shades.

Kate said...

lovely photos! Thanks for a bit of spring :)

Craftiness NOW said...

thanks, ladies, i wish i could go play in a lovely, warm flower garden today, it is freeeeezzzzing in nyc!!

Small Burst said...

Gorgeous! I want to go to a flower show to see the gorgeous flower and to also see how creative people can get with displays.

Helen said...

Wooow, there is something ethereally beautiful about these flowers. Gorgeous.

Craftiness NOW said...

thanks, Small Burst and Helen, looking forward to spring and more flowers hopefully very very soon!

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

Some of these are so beautiful and different -- I can only imagine how incredible that room must have smelled. When I was younger I used to dream about owning a little flower shop.

Craftiness NOW said...

hi Brandi, you know, i can't even remember the smell that day, i think i had a little cold and was rushing off to a meeting, i didn't even get a chance to stop and smell the roses!

hi, Ashley, oooo that's so cool that your mom is a florist, she must have lots of amazing ideas! very cool that you got to go with her :-)

Padgett Hoke said...

beautiful flower photos! thank you for stopping by my site, I really loved your comments. what a lovely site you have, can't wait to keep dropping in and seeing what you are up to!

Craftiness NOW said...

thanks, Padgett, so nice of you to visit! :-)

Sophie said...

thanks for sharing these photos
I think it was amazing show!!!
I found another pretty and nice pictureSweet Pea

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