Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What Would You Do?

This pic is kinda pretty, kinda scary.  It's a lovely cherry tree on my walk to work that I've been watching bloom lately.  Wish we had some sunshine to help it along, but it's been kinda grey in NYC this week.  I want to get out to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden soon to see the trees at their peak, but for now here's a great time lapse video.
Speaking of kinda scary, this isn't really a craft post, but my subconscious crafted it last night: had a dream that the world was ending. People were scrambling and panicking and running around.

lot of movies deal with this: The Road, Cloverfield, The Day After Tomorrow, 2012, Deep Impact...I could go on and on since someone very special to me is constantly fascinated by this. I've never understood why, this would mean I would never see him again.

But back to the dream: I was desperate to find my sister, searching everywhere, asking if anyone had seen her. Finally upon finding her I couldn't convince her to join a group of us in our spaceship (weird, I know) and when she finally agreed to come with us I wept with relief. Then someone found out the world was ending in 50 days.  When he told us the mood instantly shifted.  It was sad but beautiful in a way, kinda like the picture of this tree.  Instead of simply surviving we started thinking of reminiscing, reflecting and making the most of the time we had left.  So, my question to you is, if you had 50 days left on this earth:

- where would you go? 

- who would you bring with you to spend that time with?  
- what would you do? 

Hopefully we won't need to make these choices anytime soon (2012, anyone...?) but it's definitely changing what I'm thinking about and how I'm spending my time today.  Have a good one, be safe.

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