Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kinda Speechless

It takes a lot for me to stop talking, but this birthday cake by Cheryl Kleinman from Betty Bakery took my breath away and was an absolutely perfect guest at my party!  I'm so grateful to the family and friends who came out to celebrate and I tried not to get too teary-eyed.  It all started with this invite from Paperless Post, love this site...
Of course the theme was pink & purple:
and Betty Bakery also made these yummy cupcakes that Rachael brought.  The pink ones were strawberry frosted!
There was an abundance of cheese, mmm....one of my favorite foods ever...and lovely duck sausage, pate and rillettes from New Amsterdam Market.  This was only one of the cheese tables!
Gotta have some nice drinks, including a magnum of Veuve Clicquot yellow label Champagne I got as a gift in 2007 and never seemed to get around to opening, lovely local wine and a strawberry sangria that Jenny made.
I attempted a little speech but didn't get too far.  It was just enough to have everyone there with me for the day, eating and happy.  There was much Bonchon Korean fried chicken, pajeon (pancakes), mandu (dumplings), kimchi coleslaw, eggplant parmesan made by my Mom, a strawberry jello mold made by my Aunt Liz (a family favorite), curry rice with chicken made by Ray, california rolls and spam sushi made by Tomoko, dumplings brought by Louise, a gorgeous plum tart made by Eunice and luscious enchiladas made by Eric.  
How I didn't get pics of all of this astounds me, but I guess I was running around a bit in my sparkly heels and pink crown.
And there were party favors!  Stamped paper fans from an idea by Martha Stewart (and the fans were just $1.00 from Pearl River Mart).
Pretty cards, including a few cats of course:
Colorful flowers from Eliot and Robert:
And presents!
Lexi made this ceramic tile: ahhh she knows of my affection for precious, little sheep.
I used Paperless Post again for the Thank You cards.  My friend actually thought this was my handwriting -- I WISH I could write this neatly, but I'm definitely not known for that.  Thanks especially to my setup & cleanup crews, great job, guys!
Today a UPS surprise arrived!  Girly fun by Nars from Niki of B3: Beauty by Brennan
And finally a BLOG surprise!  I noticed more than a usual number of hits yesterday and found out that Teri & Jenny from spoon fork bacon had added me to their "blogs we love" page.  So exciting!  Thanks so much, ladies, the feeling is mutual!
Just another lunch (Thai) and 2 more dinners out (Italian, then Korean BBQ) to finish off this super fun week....really: BEST birthday in years.


Koru Kate said...

I'm bummed I missed the festivities! This recap is great, looks like a fab celebration. Your bday present is in the works :-)

Craftiness NOW said...

thank you, thank you, ladies, i LOVE throwing parties! so happy i can do it for a living :-)
Koru Kate, i'm intrigued....see u soon!

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