Thursday, February 18, 2010

Can You Knit a Marshmallow Today?

This is City Bakery on 18th Street and yes, those are marshmallows hanging from the ceiling.  I got some nice comments on my heart marshmallows so I know people love 'em and City Bakery is hosting their 18th Annual Hot Chocolate Festival TODAY, Thursday, 2/18 with unlimited hot chocolate and hot chocolate themed knitting workshops for the price of a ticket, wow!  You can read about the event on Grub Street, where Chef-Owner Maury Rubin says that "knitting feels like hot chocolate".  I agree! and thanks to my friend Jenny for reminding me about this.
It's sponsored by some of my favorite yarn shops in the city: Downtown Yarns, which I also mentioned here and Purl Soho (there's the ad for the event in the window):
They also have Purl Patchwork, a fabric store!
I have a work thing and can't make it to the event tomorrow, so I bought a few ginormous chocolate chunk cookies on my way home, but if anyone goes let me know how it is!
From the bakery I also had some other errands to run:
I stopped by Anthropologie (love the sweet clothes, charming fabrics and dishware and the Mistral soaps, even though I just made some of my own).  Hey, is anyone watching Man Shops Globe on the Sundance Channel about buyer Keith Johnson's adventures procuring product for the stores?  Also got some wool for a present at Lion Brand Yarn (which I heart! as I explained here).
The bunch of ribbon is from Paper Presentation: an incredible store that I could get lost in for hours.  I heard about it from awesome prop stylist Leslie Siegel.  Seriously, check out her portfolio: it's amAzing!  Those are also some little pink pinking shears up in the pic.
I passed Cupcake Cafe and even though I posted about Valentine-themed store windows yesterday I just have to include this since I love how happy the polar bears are with their treats.
When I finally got home my sweet friend She Crafty had sent me Making Candles & Soaps for Dummies.  I've been experimenting with both lately and need some pointers, so I can't wait to dive into this book and see what I can do to improve. 
She Crafty's profile pic is her adorable French bulldog, Crumpet (love her name!)  One of my all-time fave movies is Best in Show and on Monday night a Frenchie named Bru won best in the non-sporting group (first time for this breed!) at the Westminster Kennel Club 2010 Dog Show.  Go, Bru! and thanks again, She Crafty!


COLLEEN said...

Can I live your life for a day? Sounds fun. And BTW... yes... yes I can knit a marshmallow today!!

Jen Kim said...

yay, thanks, Colleen! can i give u my life for a day and take a day off? ok, i just had a holiday on monday, but still... ;-)

trishie said...

What a cute little bakery with the marshmallows!

Fashion Meets Food said...

Oh my gosh I want to be you. You take such fun pictures, and get to see amazing things. Plus all the pink, I am completely jealous!!! I love the hanging marshmallows... too cool.

Jen Kim said...

thanks, trishie, they have such great stuff at city bakery, it's a treat!

hi, fashion meets food, so sweet, thanks! i should go string some marshmallows right now, but it's getting kinda late ;-)

jozen said...

I LOVE anthropologie! but alas, they are not here in Vancouver, CANADA so i have to make do with online shopping or when my hubs is kind enough to drive me to seattle!!

i also LOVE purl soho (would LOVE to visit one day) and Lion brand yarn, especially they really chunky one.. it's so easy to whip up something quick!

Jen Kim said...

hi jozen, yes, some very fun, girly stores! purl soho is moving into a new space with purl patchwork, should be great. i was at patchwork yesterday and got some nice pink and purple fabrics, thinking about what to do, hmmm...

and i blogged about a quick hat i made with a bulky lion brand, it was pretty speedy :-) u MUST visit the lion brand showroom too if u can visit!

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