Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Korean BBQ Break

I have 3 beautiful words for you: Korean Barbecue Buffet.  I want to share more about my trip to Bermuda but here's a little side post about my Monday excursion with the lovely Liz of Liz King Events.  
When I saw this post from Serious Eats I just had to grab someone and go, and Liz was kind enough to pick me up and drive us out to Flushing, Queens.
To start, the side dishes were many and many were tasty.  Even the bok choy, which is usually something I don't like, had some nice seasoning and I grabbed some jap chae (thin glass noodles with vegetables), mandu (dumplings) and scallion pancakes.'s really all about the meat here, such a great bargain!  My dear vegetarian friends, please look away (sorry, Angela...)
Now let's grab some galbi (ribs) and go!!
Liz was our bbq chef since I have so little cooking skill, and she did a great job.
The waitress came over and snipped the pieces apart neatly with scissors.
And then it was browning away as we started in on the accompaniments.
We realized part way through that we were filling up on, well, fillers, when the galbi was the star of the show!
You wrap it in lettuce leaves with sweet bean paste, or spicy chili paste, whole garlic cloves, sliced chilies and scallions to your taste.  And it was seriously tasty. We'll be back!


Liz King said...

These pictures make me hungry all over again! Thanks again for taking me with you!

Craftiness NOW said...

absolutely, more foodie adventures to come!!

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