Sunday, June 26, 2011

Vacation Days continue in Bermuda

Just got back from a week-long cruise to Bermuda.  It was pretty, warm and fun: here's the white lava cocktail I sipped as the ship left the harbor.
There were gorgeous sunsets to watch as they slid into evening.
Dinners to get dressed up for:
and oh, so much food.
Excursions to the Royal Naval Dockyard
and St. George
where we couldn't believe how blue the water was
and we made a few new friends.
If you like pink as I've mentioned I do more than a few times before, this is the place for you, especially in the town of Hamilton:
so many pretty houses (in other colors too).
We took a sunset glass bottom boat to see the coral, fish and a shipwreck below.
And went to Horseshoe Bay
probably the most beautiful (and pink!) beach I've ever seen
where we climbed up a cliff to look around for miles
and the water was still clear.
Although this is NOT the way that I came down again.
It was a lovely trip, more pics to come!


Ann said...

Loved seeing your pics! I honeymooned in Bermuda and it's as beautiful as I remember.

San Jose Love said...

Bermuda is such a pretty place. Wow I didn't realize you're so tall.

Craftiness NOW said...

thanks, Ann, more to come this week! my parents honeymooned there 40 years ago this november :-)

hi San Jose Love, nice to have you back! i'm actually not so tall, maybe for an asian girl, but my family's sort short-ish ;-) and i was wearing these heels, heehee...

Helen said...

Those sunsets are sooo gorgeous! And I love that gray dress of yours - you looked gorg :)

Have fun in Paris!!!

Rachel W K said...

these pictures are taking me from -want- to -need- to visit bermuda! Especially on a cruise... that white lava cocktail looks delicious!


Koru Kate said...

I knew I should've stashed myself in your suitcase! It looks like a lovely trip, just as you & your family deserved. Thanks so much for the postcard!!!

Craftiness NOW said...

hi Helen, thank you! that's the dress i told u i got big cuz it was on sale and then paid to have it altered down. i wore it to Koru Kate's wedding!

thanks, Rachel, yes, yumminess in a frosty glass ;-) take a cruise!

you're very welcome, Koru Kate, thank you for being Mila's in-town-in-case-of-emergency auntie ;-)

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